Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ about this research

1. How will this Standard be implemented in actual criminal cases?   8. How would this Standard affect the application of the death penalty in criminal sentencing?
2. Who can use this instrument, and when? 9. Will the Depravity Standard consider rehabilitation potential of the offender?
3. How will the Depravity Standard impact the role of the trier of fact? 10. How will the Depravity Standard be protected from misuse?
4. My state/country does not have any distinctions for the severity of crimes. Is this research relevant to me? 11. Isn’t depravity a theological concept indistinguishable from defining criminal evil? How can this be studied here?
5. Does the Depravity Scale research have international application as well? 12. When will the Depravity Standard be in use?
6. How is this research funded? 13. How will the Depravity Standard account for evolving societal perspectives over time?
7. Will the Depravity Standard take into account the defendant’s psychiatric state and psychosocial circumstances?  


FAQ About Participating in the Depravity Scale studies

1. Who can contribute the best input on this Depravity Standard study?   6. How do I determine what is especially depraved, somewhat depraved, or not depraved?
2. Am I required to have professional experience in law or forensic science in order to participate in the Depravity Scale studies? 7. Why are the item examples so different from one another? For example, why are property crimes presented along with violent crime?
3. Why am I asked to provide all of this specific demographic information? 8. In the second phase of this Depravity Scale study, why did my friend see a different set of questions than I did?
4. Will my responses to this study be confidential? How do you ensure this? 9. Can I take either part of the Depravity Scale study more than once?
5. Will my participation in the Depravity Scale Studies benefit me personally?  

How to get started

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